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Skincare - Choose your facial from our Custom facials, deep-pore facials, Anti-aging facials & more

Yonka Paris Skincare Line or Our product line your choice


Classic European Facial  

Esthetician will provide the traditional steps including deep-pore cleansing, exfoliation, warm steam, extractions, massage, and mask.  This facial is recommended for all skin types. 

Our Product Line:    60 Minutes     $70.00 

Our Product Line:    75 Minutes     $80.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      60 Minutes     $80.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      75 Minutes     $90.00 

Custom Facial 

Plan your own custom facial with your Esthetician.  This treatment can be a deep pore cleansing and/or anti-aging treatment.  Time is allowed before and after facial to discuss products that best fit your skincare needs. 

Our Product Line:     75 Minutes     $105.00 

Yonka Paris Line:       75 Minutes     $115.00 

Anti-Aging Alpha Facial 

This facial integrates alpha and beta hydroxy acids.  Skin is left feeling softer, smoother and with renewed clarity.   Addressing fine lines, age spots, and sun damage. 

Our Product Line:     45 Minutes     $70.00 

Our Product Line:     75 Minutes     $90.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      45 Minutes     $80.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      75 Minutes     $100.00 

Anti- Aging Omega Facial

This facial integrates tailored products for all skin types.  Skin is left feeling re-balanced, firmer, and re-hydrated.   Addressing elasticity, deep wrinkles, and dryness. 

Our Product Line:     45 Minutes     $70.00 

Our Product Line:     75 Minutes     $90.00 

Yonka Paris Line:       45 Minutes     $80.00 

Yonka Paris Line:       75 Minutes     $100.00 

Express Facial

This quick treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating, and a mask.  Concentrates on the face only.  

30 Minutes     $45.00 

Specialized Eye Treatment

 A perfect stand-alone or add-on treatment to hydrate and firm the eye area.  Massage techniques will be performed using custom eye products. 

15 Minutes      $15.00

 Eye Treatment with Facial    $10.00 

Relaxation Treatment 

Licensed Esthetician will perform this service that is similar to massage , client may choose from light to firm pressure, however; no trigger points or deep knots will be worked on.  Clients may choose  oil or massage cream, and also whether or not hot towels are used during this service.    

30 Minutes          $42.00 

60 Minutes          $70.00  

90 Minutes          $100.00  

Two for Me 

This unique treatment incorporates both a full body relaxation treatment with a deep-pore cleansing facial.   Licensed Esthetician will start out with a massage on your back and legs.  Turn over and receive your facial.   End with a massage of the forearm, hands, and feet all while relaxing with your facial mask.

Our Product Line:     60 Minutes     $100.00 

Our Product Line:     90 Minutes     $130.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      60 Minutes     $110.00 

Yonka Paris Line:      90 Minutes     $140.00 

Salt Glow Body Polish  

This  treatment exfoliates your skin using cleansing products that will  gently remove dead skin cells.   Application  of  lotion will be applied.  

Our Product Line:     45 Minutes     $60.00 

Yonka Paris Line:       45 Minutes     $70.00 

European Back  Treatment 

Cleansing, exfoliating, warm steam, extractions, massage and mask are performed on your back & shoulders.    

Our Product Line:      45 Minutes      $60.00 

Yonka Paris Line:        45 Minutes      $70.00 

Our Product Line:       45 Minutes     $60.00

 Yonka Paris Line:        45 Minutes     $70.00 

Eye Brow Tinting   

Hair dye is applied to eye brows to darken the hairs, which makes them stand out  without the hassle of makeup. 

 Eyebrow      $20.00


Waxing Services Low-temperature depilatory wax used with strips.  High-frequency machine and redness cream can be used on clients that experience "redness" or "breakouts" after waxing. 

Brow               $15.00

Lip                     $15.00

Chin                 $15.00     

Brow & Lip   $25.00 

Lip & Chin     $25.00         

Full Leg           $70.00

1/2 Leg            $50.00 

 Bikini *            $40.00 & up


* Brazilian waxing  not offered.